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Reviews of Victoria Clayton's novels

Out of Love

With a sensibility one part Wodehouse and two parts Hieronymous Bosch, Clayton's debut isn't your ordinary English comedy of contemporary manners. .... No blemish goes undetected in this captivating story about the varieties of frailty and forgiveness, and its cast of gently decadent English extras ... will amuse "Ab-Fab" fans and Merchant-Ivory addicts alike. (Publisher's Weekly (USA)

This is a fun book you can really sink your teeth into ... I am recommending this to all my harried married friends, and all my controlled and controlling single friends as well. (A reader from New Jersey)

Didn't want it to end! All I can say is that I hope Ms. Clayton will be writing many more books - and soon! (a lawyer from Toronto)

Past Mischief

A pleasure to read and will have readers returning to thumb through its pages time and again eager to reacquaint themselves with the characters ...A great summer's read with an unusual amount of charm, dash and verve. (reader from Melbourne, Australia)

What fun to read! Victoria Clayton creates a charming, eccentric ... world. Past Mischief is an old fashioned good read with some romance, some mystery, and characters you will not forget. ... You won't want to leave. (reader from Delaware, Ohio)

Dance with Me

This is my first Victoria Clayton book and I really only picked it up because I liked the cover but I can definitely say that I was not at all disappointed. I highly recommend this book and I will be reading here other books. (reader from England)

This is the first novel by Victoria Clayton that I have read and I enjoyed it thoroughly ...not a book to read if you like contemporary realism, but the writing is light and witty, and the atmosphere becomes strangely dark at times, as the characters reveal the secrets of their past. There is more meat on the bones of the plot than the frothy beginning would have you believe and all in all provided a very satisfying read. On the strength of this, I have bought two more of Clayton's novels! (reader from Guernsey)

"I picked up Dance With Me because I was in the mood for some light reading with a dash of that high society escapist farce which I usually associate with the likes of Nancy Mitford. I was not disappointed! . ... a thoroughly enjoyable read, complete with tumble-down country mansions, handsome rakes, and farcical disasters. Once I started, I couldn't stop! I definitely recommend it." (A reader from Sydney, Australia)

Work in progress:
My latest novel 'Stormy Weather' is now published as a Kindle e-book. Follow this link .

I have started work on another one in a different genre. More news on that in due course.

I am reissuing my early novels as e-books. 'Out of Love', 'Past Mischief', 'Dance with Me' and 'Running Wild' will all be available in the Amazon Kindle Store by Christmas 2012. The short stories which used to be available here are now collected into a Kindle book which will be free to download.

I started a weblog a while ago as somewhere to jot down my thoughts about the things that interest me day to day and occupy my thoughts when not writing a novel. A year on it developed beyond the first entry. Two years on, a few more. You can visit it here.