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Children's Books

The The Winter of Enchantment
The House called Hadlows

A long time ago I wrote these two books for children. They were out of print for many years. I had almost forgotten them and thought everyone else had too. To my surprise and great pleasure they have been rediscovered and are now being re-printed by Fidra Books in the United Kingdom and by Purple House press in the USA.

Fidra Books
Purple House Press

The story of the rediscovery

SFX magazine in December 2006 contained an article and interview which can be seen on the Fidra Books site


Work in progress:
My latest novel 'Stormy Weather' is now published as a Kindle e-book. Follow this link .

I have started work on another one in a different genre. More news on that in due course.

I am reissuing my early novels as e-books. 'Out of Love', 'Past Mischief', 'Dance with Me' and 'Running Wild' will all be available in the Amazon Kindle Store by Christmas 2012. The short stories which used to be available here are now collected into a Kindle book which will be free to download.

I started a weblog a while ago as somewhere to jot down my thoughts about the things that interest me day to day and occupy my thoughts when not writing a novel. A year on it developed beyond the first entry. Two years on, a few more. You can visit it here.